Always wanted to work with horses? There is a desperate need for qualified people to work at horse farms and stables. If working inside at a mundane job is not how you want to spend your life, and you are looking for a fun, rewarding, yet challenging career with animals, this could be for you!

With the Pegasus Horse Career Training program you can learn how to safely care for and handle horses, work at a stable, assist a vet or farrier, travel as a groom to horse shows, or run your own horse farm. There are many different career paths to becoming an equine professional. We are offering a training program that is fast and inexpensive. The hands-on training will give you the basics of how to handle and control horses and the necessities of providing for their care. After mastering the basics you can learn more highly specific skills such as bandaging legs, braiding, clipping, and exercising horses.

Rest assured, NO machine will take your job!


A brief expample of different careers with horses 

Stable Hand

• Ability to lead horses safely

•Capable of cleaning stalls thoroughly and efficiently  

• Operate tractor and manure spreader

Show Groom

• Able to handle horses in all conditions

•Groom: bathe, clip, braid, and trim to high standard

• Tack up, Cool out

• Shipping and handling 

• Leg wrapping

Trainer's Assistant

•Able to handle green, untrained horses

• Thorough knowledge of various bits, bridles, saddles, and leg protection

• Skilled at lunging

• Skilled at tacking up

• Ability to notice symptoms of lameness, founder, and colic

• Assist trainer and managing staff

Vet/Farrier Assistant

• Assist in handling and restraining difficult horses in stressful condition.

• Knowledge of tools and medicines

• Knowledge of basic medical care, wound management, leg wrapping

Stable Manager

• Understand nutritional requirements 

• Experienced and skilled at handling young, old, injured, high strung stallions, mares, and foals

• Fencing and building repairs

• Stable maintenance

• Record keeping of vendors and materials

• Able to operate all farm machinery

• Able to manage and support staff

Positive Learning Environment
 Hands on Experiential Training
 Affordable Prices

Find OUT, What's WithIN

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