Since I was a kid I've always had a love and curiosity for horses. I grew up taking lessons as often as I could, but never thought I could have a horse career. I graduated college with a business degree and began my professional career in Corporate America. As soon as I could, I started back taking lessons. I became unsatisfied with my corporate job and wanted to make a career change into something I truly loved. I always received great instruction and advice from the trainers at Pegasus and decided to inquire about starting a career in the horse industry. The trainers at Pegasus offered me a chance to work and learn as an appreentance. I did this for roughly 4-6 months and had the opportunity to work with vets, farriers, grain distributors, and hay suppliers I was able to learn a wide variety of horsemanship skills i.e. proper and daily horse care, farm maintenance and management, foal care, symptoms of lameness, founder, colic, eye and wound care. The Pegasus horsemanship program has allowed me to develop a wide range of horse management skills and has given me the right tools to start a career I've always dreamed of. I've now been able to prove my drive and dedication through hard work and I am now an assistant trainer and barn manager. I look forward to continuing my learning and education with hope of becoming a professional horse trainer.

-Fiona Coulter

Medina, MN

I had the opportunity to be a working student at Pegasus Riding School this past summer. I feel so fortunate to have a source of such high quality instruction available so close to where I live. I learned more from Anne McKay in a few months than I have from years of previous riding. Her high expectations helped me to create some major improvements in how I ride and train, and I continually refer to what I learned at Pegasus even when I ride elsewhere. Anne's teaching begins where it classically should - with the rider, and she made it clear to me how even minute adjustments to my position or aids can be the difference between helping and hindering my horse's performance. When it comes to classical training and good horse management, Pegasus Riding School is now my gold standard.


-Carrie Pfeifer
Maple Grove, MN

We became part of the Pegasus family in July 2010 when my daughter (age 6) started riding. We've found a supportive and compassionate barn at Pegasus, where dedication to horses and horsemanship is clearly evident i every decision the stable makes. As a veterinarian, it is extremely important to me to see progressive care for the horses, and a strong message of horse welfare imparted to all riders. I do not use the word "family" lightly - this stable is family and we are fortunate to be a part of it!


-Doctor Ali Lee-O'Halloran, DVM

Medina, MN

After leaving my last job, I decided to chase a dream! I went nonstop searching for an apprenticeship to work with horses. Pegasus Riding School caught my eye even though I was living in Florida at the time. Questioning the risk vs. the reward, I found myself in Minnesota just a few days later!  I can honestly say that I have never had better teachers/trainers. Anne, Alex, Suzanne, and Fiona emphasize a life of passion that is unparalleled to anything I have ever seen. Within the first week I got more education and exposure than I ever thought possible. Not withholding knowledge, they are willing to pass on the essential expertise needed. I have worked for people before where they hold onto their knowledge for fear of job security! Whether it was dealing with newborn foals, feed, supplements, shots, vets and farriers I truly feel they have set the benchmark of excellence.  There is no substitute and my decision to come here is something I will always be thankful for.


-Alex Redinger

Jupiter, FL

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