Frequently Asked Questions

♦ How much experience do I need?

None. We can teach you all the basics. 


♦ What style is this? 

There are many different disciplines of horsemanship – racing, western disciplines of pleasure, roping, reining, barrel racing, and the English disciplines Hunter, Jumper, Dressage, and Three Day Eventing. They are all based on basic horse care skills we teach in our career training program. 

♦ Am I guaranteed a job?

No, all we can do is instruct you on how to care for horses, but we can't make you good at it. To get a job you will need to not only have the skills we teach you, but a willingness to work hard, have good decision-making capabilities, be personable to others, work well on a team, and be trustworthy and reliable. However, our instructors will have ample time to ascertain if you have these qualities and present them in a formal letter of recommendation to future employers.


♦ Will I get to ride horses?

This program is specifically designed to teach skills relating to horse care and farm management. Our riding school, which is separate from this program, specializes in teaching riders at all levels in Dressage and Hunter/Jumper disciplines. You can visit our website at to gain information on our lesson program.


♦ I want to be a horse trainer. Will I learn how to train horses in this program?

This specific program cover skills and knowledge that all professional horse trainers must know to run a successful training program, but becoming a trainer requires years of riding education to a high level of expertise along with a successful showing competition career record on many different horses. Most professional trainers move up after competing for years in the amateur divisions. Another avenue to becoming a horse trainer is to apprentice with a successful trainer for a few years, but you will need to offer skills that we teach in this program to be accpeted as an apprentice.


♦ How do I pay my tuition?

You can pay in increments of $100 at a time.

You are allowed a trial basis of 10 hours at $100 so that there is no risk to you if you decide working with horses is no longer your goal.


You may pay by cash, check or credit card. You are required to pay in advance for the time you scheduled. The 150 hour course tuition is $1,125,  with a 10% discount for full payment at the start of your course. No refunds after your time is scheduled.

We also reserve the right to charge future employers a small fee such as with an agency.

♦ Are you in accredited school?

No. Accreditation costs many thousands of dollars which we would have to pass on to students. In most cases, accreditation is a very important credential for a college, but this is a special situation, more like an apprenticeship. Our experience with equine college programs is, for the most part, that they teach very little hands-on practical work – which is pretty much everything that is needed in the horse industry. You can't teach swimming from a book or in the classroom- you need to jump in the water! It is the same with horses. At Pegasus Horse Career Training you instantly start working with horses. Many people think that to pay $20-$50,000 to get a 2-4 year Equine Science Degree to start at $8.50 to $12 an hour does not make economic sense. You will probably never get financially rich, but for people with a passion, it is the lifestyle that they find very rewarding. 

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